About Me

I am passionate about solving difficult problems.

This passion turned programming from a hobby to a career over time. For many years, I worked as an improv comedy actor in Chicago. However, I realized that I spent more time on code than I did comedy. With that realization, I left the stage in order to pursue software engineering. Changing careers was a risk, but something I knew I had to do.

I am currently a Masters of Science, Computer Game Development student and work as an Associate Software Engineer intern at NetherRealm Studios in Chicago, IL. I expect to graduate in Spring 2015 and am able to complete my coursework remotely.

My emphasis is on systems engineering in C++. Studies have included design patterns, game engine architecture, game networking, C++ optimization, operating systems programming and multithreaded programming.

Here is a link to my resume if you’d like a summary of my career so far.

See my portfolio for examples of my work.

Visit my blog for insight into my computer programming musings.

I have a number of YouTube videos, mostly related to technical or mathematical topics. You can go to my YouTube channel to see those.

Please contact me at philipbuuck[at]gmail[dot]com with any questions or inquiries. Click below for my Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.

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  1. Hello!
    I came across your website while doing some research on Game Dev Degrees Vs traditional Degrees. I was accepted to two different programs but ultimately chose the DePaul Computer Game Dev over my local college. I too have had a career in the military and decided to follow my passion for games and new found love of coding(albeit basic knowledge so far). I will be starting at DePaul in the Fall and would love if I could stay in contact with someone who is well versed in the Chicago area and the DePaul program.

    Kyle L.

    • Philip says:

      Hey Kyle,

      Sounds great! DePaul is a great school, so if you’re wanting to develop games you’re going to a good school for it. Be sure to check for the classes Ed Keenan is teaching – he’s a very challenging teacher that pushes me hard.

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